Inspired Engineering Meets Applied Physics

Designed to support operational requirements for both air and ground simulation systems, physion™ provides a cost-effective platform for visualization that bridges the gaming and modeling & simulation domains. Utilizing DirectX 11 methods tailored to take maximum advantage of modern Graphics Processing Units, physion™ provides a high-fidelity rendering capability integrated with standards from modeling and simulation elements such as the Common Image Generator Interface (CIGI), OpenFlight terrain databases and data content modeled using standard Commercial-Off-The-Shelf tools. Using the Windows operating system environment, physion™ executes in a low cost, standards-based configuration.


Rendering a virtual visualization of a synthetic digital environment has evolved to be a critical component of a high-fidelity simulation in all domains. With the increased emphasis on ground-based simulations which have requirements for interoperability and interactions approaching real world levels, simulations now have to consider the third sense of touch and the interactions which occur between two physical objects.


This added complexity has created a need for increased definitions in the environmental data, and more critically, the processing system for that data which provides the appropriate reactions in the digital environment.



Finally. The product that integrates the Havok technology used in gaming (such as Call of Duty, Saints Row IV, Assassin's Creed, Halo) and film (The Matrix, X-Men, Harry Potter) into a physics-enhanced, Common Image Generator Interface (CIGI)-compliant Image Generator (IG) for military simulation and training.

Ever-increasing demands for higher fidelity simulation requires the capacity to adapt and grow as technology progresses. physion™ was designed to provide that capability - to combine the ability to use legacy infrastructure with that use of the most advanced technologies.




Installations include use of the content library available at the time of installation, subject to export limitations and usage restrictions. Currently this includes:


15 Terrain Databases

42 Aircraft

63 Ground Vehicles

28 Military Personnel

18 Aggressor Personnel

75 Civilian Personnel

24 Support Items (cell phones, etc.)

30 Animal Types

30 Building Structures (20 destructible)

21 Air-based Munitions (with effects)

29 Ground-based Munitions (with effects)

29 Ground-based Munitions (with effects)

Windows 7 64-bit Operating System with a minimum of 6GB of physical memory and 1GB of Video memory with an NVIDIA GeForce 660 or higher video card.


The content management and operational integration of physion™ is formed using industry standards which allow for the reuse of content by other systems. Operational integration is based on the CIGI standard and this integration allows for inter-operation with other systems.

Below is a small sampling of the capabilities of physion™:


  • Multiple Levels of Detail (LOD) 3D Content paging management
  • Dynamic lighting and time-of-day conditions, light-point based star fields, horizon glow, and multiple sky models
  • Ephemeris model for sun, moon and star position, moon phase and horizon glow to provide for continuous time of day
  • Volumetric clouds and storm cells
  • Ground fog and haze with sun-angle dependent color
  • Object-on-object dynamic shadowing
  • Light depiction with proper interaction with features and atmospherics
  • Particle effects that respond to wind: dust trails, contrails, smoke, sand or snow to include simulated sandstorms
  • Mission function support to include height above terrain, laser range, line-of-sight (intervisibility), and collision detection
  • Common Image Generator Interface (CIGI), DIS and HLA Interfaces
  • Native animation and behaviors models; no third-party software required
  • Native high-performance physics management and interactions; no third-party software required
  • Synchronized multiple rendering channels/multiple viewports per channel
  • Edge blending and distortion correction integrated with the Scalable SDK

Content Support


Supporting industry-standard interfaces and data structures is a cornerstone of the physion™ design. physion™ makes use of available content elements from existing infrastructures designed to support the modeling and simulation domain. Content for use in physion™ can be translated from the OpenFlight formatted databases, models developed with 3D Studio Max or Maya and incorporates leading third-party capabilities such as SpeedTree.


The processing environment which physion™ provides brings physics interactions to the modeling and simulation efforts at an effective cost. Impacts due to detonations, forces applied from vehicles, and interactions with the first person simulation all add a level of realism expected by the next generation of simulation users. The application of physion™ provides this physics-enhanced realism to the modeling and simulation industry.


Application Development


Nova Technologies can quickly adapt physion™ to meet any user needs – to add or adjust functionality and to integrate this physics-enhanced IG into any CIGI-compliant simulation. Nova Technologies even offers a process where the user/customer can add or modify capability of the product to meet unique and specific needs for an end user’s application. This service allows for development of new 3D content and functionality. Using the Integrated Product Development process, the user is involved from inception to acceptance and delivery of any change.


Content Management


3-D content such as Databases and Models are provided with each delivery of physion™. As new content is added to the inventory users subscribed to maintenance receive the new content as part of their support agreement.  Additional 3-D content can be developed under a special services agreement. Content developed for a specific user can be restricted to that unique user if required by the customer.


Information Assurance


physion has been integrated into systems receiving a successful DIACAP certification.

Why physion™? Simulation users are more demanding of visualization and effects that represent real world interactions than ever before. Driven by a generation raised on high quality rendering developed for the gaming market, current users of military simulation expect the same capability in their critical simulation in training for combat as they do in taking down a horde of zombies. Bringing these two technology applications together, physion™ combines a proven gaming environment with the key content to support advanced military and civilian training simulations. Content is enhanced where necessary to engage physics-based interactions and natural motion to bring training to life.

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