The Team behind the Team.

More than just a cutting-edge software solutions provider, Nova Technologies can also keep the mission on track by providing operations, maintenance and engineering services behind the scenes. Our team members operate on site ensuring that training equipment is operating properly, recalibrated when necessary, and repairing and replacing parts as needed. When software upgrades and modifications are due our experienced engineers readily handle the task while also continuously maintaining the upkeep of the technical library including all documents, schematics, and manuals associated with it. We routinely exceed our objective of maintaining 95 percent availability of the training simulators, with availability often times reaching above 99 percent providing support for both steady state and surge usage.



Nova Technologies has a talented team of experienced technicians ready to support our Warfighters.


Functions we are experienced in includes, but is not limited to:


  • Providing and executing plan for continuous process and product improvement
  • Diagnostics
  • Managing hardware engineering changes and maintenance actions, obsolescence, utilization, and reliability reporting
  • Repair and replacement of spares, repair of parts and broken subcomponents
  • Accountability and transition of all Government Furnished Equipment, Information and Material
  • Acquisition of hardware in support of growth or capital equipment replacement
  • Providing program consumables expendables
  • Tools and test equipment accountability, calibration, repair and replacement
  • Acquisition and Property Management
  • Fielded Training Systems Maintenance
  • Supply and Commodity Management
  • Life-Cycle Management
  • GFE and GFI Management
  • Hardware modification design and installation



Nova Technologies' software engineers have experience in the following areas:


  • Accountability and transition of all Government Furnished Equipment, Information and Material
  • Developing/maintaining logistics database(s), incorporating the current and ongoing technical library, capable of managing multiple hardware/software configuration baselines, contract spares, special tools/test equipment and GFI/GFE/GFM
  • Acquisition of software in support of growth or capital equipment replacement
  • Managing software engineering changes and maintenance actions, obsolescence, utilization and reliability reporting
  • Providing configuration management
  • Providing and executing a plan for continual process/product improvement
  • Developing, merging and maintaining internal, Government and 3rd party contractor documentation modifications
  • Maintaining, modifying and integrating Government source databases (Visual and Navigation)
  • Maintaining, modifying and integrating the databases that are part of the Regiment's Common Visual Solution on all applicable TADSS
  • Providing, configuring and maintaining Government discrepancy database using JIRA
  • Developing custom software solutions for SOF training requirements
  • Initiating and managing updates and upgrades using third party vendors

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